About Middleburg Borough

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Middleburg Borough is the county seat of Snyder County.

History: Native Americans had lived in this region for centuries. White settlers started living in the area c. 1760. Middleburg was originally named Swinefordstown after John Albright Swineford, a tavern owner in 1787, who owned land on the north bank of the Middle Creek. The town was laid out in 1800 on this land by engineer Frederick Evans. Swinefordstown because know as Middleburg c. 1825 and was incorporated in 1856.

Features in Middleburg Borough

  • Middleburg Borough Building
  • Middleburg Borough Police Department
  • Snyder County Courthouse
  • Old Stone Jail/Sheriff’s Office
  • Veteran’s Monument
  • Soldier’s Memorial
  • An approximate 3-acre lake with a playground, pavilion, dog park, and baseball field
  • Firemen’s Field with pavilions for events
  • Firemen’s Annual Carnival in August
  • Reliance Hose No. 1
  • Midd-West School District (High School, Middle School, and Grade School)
  • Historical Society
  • Many historical buildings
  • Middleburg Borough Library

Features near Middleburg Borough

  • Shade Mountain Golf Course
  • Middleburg Livestock Auction
  • Shade Mountain Winery and Vineyard

Population: Approximately 1380
Location: Snyder County, PA

Municipal Water and Sewer Systems serve Middleburg Borough and Parts of Franklin Township. A separate sewer facility serves the Village of Kissimmee.