About Middleburg Borough

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Features in Middleburg Borough

  • Middleburg Borough Building
  • Middleburg Borough Police Department
  • Snyder County Courthouse
  • Old Stone Jail/Sheriff’s Office
  • Veteran’s Monument
  • Soldier’s Memorial
  • An approximate 3-acre lake with a playground, pavilion, dog park, and baseball field
  • Firemen’s Field with pavilions for events
  • Firemen’s Annual Carnival in August
  • Reliance Hose No. 1
  • Midd-West School District (High School, Middle School, and Grade School)
  • Historical Society
  • Many historical buildings
  • Middleburg Borough Library

Features near Middleburg Borough

  • Shade Mountain Golf Course
  • Middleburg Livestock Auction
  • Shade Mountain Winery and Vineyard

Population: Approximately 1380
Location: Snyder County, PA

Municipal Water and Sewer Systems serve Middleburg Borough and Parts of Franklin Township. A separate sewer facility serves the Village of Kissimmee.